modern physics

Topic Concept Lab
modern physicscurrentSuperconductor Table
modern physicscurrentSuperconductors Lab: Measuring Resistance versus Temperatur
modern physicsdiffraction/interference/polarDiffraction of Light
modern physicsdiffraction/interference/polarElectron Diffraction
modern physicsdiffraction/interference/polarMicrowave Optics
modern physicsenergyElectron Spin Resonance
modern physicsenergyGermanium Energy Gap
modern physicsenergyHertz Critical Potentials Tube
modern physicsenergyThermal Radiation
modern physicslightMeasuring the Speed of Light Through a Fiber Optic Material
modern physicsmeasurementMeasuring Resistance Versus Temperature and Critical Tempera
modern physicsmeasurementSpacetime Lab
modern physicsquantumAtomic Spectra I (He,Hg,etc)
modern physicsquantumAtomic Spectra II
modern physicsquantumBlackbody Radiation
modern physicsquantumCharge of an Electron
modern physicsquantumFranck-Hertz Experiment
modern physicsquantumFranck-Hertz Experiment (CAPSTONE WORKBOOK FILE FOR 850 inte
modern physicsquantumMillikan Oil Drop Experiment
modern physicsquantumNEW FRANCK HERTZ 2019
modern physicsquantumOLD VERSION - DO NOT USE Planck's Constant and the Photoelec
modern physicsquantumParticle in a Box
modern physicsquantumPhotoelectric Effect NEW VERSION (PASCO)
modern physicsquantumRatio of Charge to Mass for the Electron
modern physicsquantumResistivity of Tungsten