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Data Science
Student Research

The Data Science Department provides many student research opportunities, below are some student research experiences in Data Science from the last 24 months.

New Research Experiences:

Summer 2023

Begum Ozdemir. Prediction of Rowan SOM No-Shows. Research Mentor(s): Anthony Breitzman. Grad, Academic Research.

Spring 2023

Soorya Baliga. AI Aneurysm Lab. Research Mentor(s): Hieu Nguyen. Undergrad, Academic Research.

Tarosh Gurramkonda. Variational Autoencoders. Research Mentor(s): Silvija Kokalj-Filipovic. Undergrad, Academic Research.

Summer 2022

Maria Lentini. Interpretable Modeling for Revenue Optimization. Research Mentor(s): Umashanger Thayasivam. Grad, Academic Research.